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Going Green
A Social Responsibility with Financial Reward
From biodiesel and ethanol to metals and plastics, companies in all markets are recognizing significant benefits in recycling and environmentally safe business practices.
At Mondo Polymer Technologies, our Going Green with Mondo program extends from supply to demand and back to supply again. Our unique on-site recycling program, combined with our processing, manufacturing and marketing of new products from recycled plastics, places our company in an ideal position between raw materials and finished goods.
  • As we express solutions to our own social responsibility, our relationships with a growing cadre of alliance supply partners resolves a significant portion of their recycling problems as well, returning cash to their bottom line.
  • As Mondo creates new demands for polyethylene and other plastics, we can add to the more than 12 million pounds we collected and used in 2007 alone, thereby minimizing the impact on the solid waste and landfill resources throughout the USA.
  • By recycling polyethylene and other plastics into such products as guardrail blocks, wheel chocks, we are sharing in opportunities created by an enormous outflow of used plastics from all parts of the economy.
From nurseries and greenhouses to marinas, grocery chains, box stores and manufacturing facilities, the Mondo recycling program can place our own resources on site to collect, bundle, store and ultimately transport waste plastics from your location to ours.
Going Green with Mondo can create a competitive advantage for our client companies who benefit from our quick cash-for-plastic payment program.  For information on how you can establish a Going Green with Mondo program, click here or contact Ron Wesel, Recycling Manager.

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